Summer In Boston – Should You Be Moving Here?

Summer In Boston – Should You Be Moving Here?

Boston is one of the earliest cities in modern America ever to be occupied by European immigrants. As a city steeped in patriotism and rich in history, Boston is known to be the main city where the American Revolution was born. Also, remember that it was at this same place that Paul Revere embarked on his famous ride and this was also where British tea was defiantly dumped into The Harbor by the colonists.

Today, it’s really hard to observe the beloved Bean Town of the east coast without taking a look at its storied past. The distinct neighborhoods, meandering cobblestone streets, and attractively, old-fashioned buildings make this historic city both fascinating and delightful for residents and visitors to dwell in.

Summer in the city

Boston is home to about 650,000 people with only about 28% of homeowners. Just so you know, the city is infamous for being one of the most expensive cities in the US. Nevertheless, on several notes, it remains an appealing city. As a matter of fact, every of its vitality, diversity, and strength is rooted in its neighborhood. The city boasts of top-tier schools and institutions like Northeastern University, Boston University, Boston College, Harvard, and MIT.

If you are considering making a cross-country move to Massachusetts’ capital and largest city, then you’ve likely been thrilled by its quaint stateliness like everyone else. There are several professional moving companies that can help you make the move you truly deserve. But in the first place, how does it really feel to move to Boston during summer? Here are certain things you need to know as you plan for your big move.

Sports season is on

When it comes to sports, there are only a few cities in the US that can match up to Boston. The city is generally fanatical about sports and is well-known to celebrate it so enthusiastically. This is where people troop out in droves to celebrate the Great American Pastimes, thanks to the Red Sox, the Bruins, the Celtics, and the Patriots. Additionally, the city also boasts of a great deal of sports bars that are highly equipped with assorted beers and televisions.

Safe city life

Along with Seattle, Boston is rated the 4th safest metropolitan city in the country, thanks to the recent reduction in the rate of traffic fatality as well as its low crime rates. This is coming from Forbes. Boston is one of the very few cities in the US reported to be experiencing a decline in crime rates. As a matter of fact, a significant reduction in crime rates has been reported by the police departments even in peripheral towns and neighborhoods like West Roxbury and Jamaica Plain. This means that whether you are at home or out on the town, you can expressly feel safe and enjoy all the culture, the energy and the people of the city without fear or anxiety. So always bear this in mind as you prepare for your furniture moving.

Great walkability and public transit

Beneath the bustling city streets of Boston, The T (also known as the MBTA) provides residents with efficient transportation systems. Just so you know, Boston can be a challenging city to navigate in your vehicle. The city is built without much in the way of city planning for drivers. You can easily get your way out into the suburbs and even within the city by accessing the bus system and the subway with a T-Pass.

During prime commute hours, you can even find a better way to go by traveling by foot. Amazingly, the city’s downtown which is well-founded with narrow side streets, and historic cobblestones is incredibly pedestrian. In fact, it is entirely worthwhile to take a stroll through on sunny morning commute through Boston Common. This enables you to get off The T with just a few stops early.

Amazing seafood

Strategically situated at the mouth of the Charles River on Boston Bay, this city holds a famous reputation for its amazing seafood. From high-class oysters to tantalizing fried fish, there is no shortage of seafood in this seaport town. There is a pretty sizeable waterfront district here for your onward exploration.

Here, you are very likely to find something fascinating because they’ve always got fresh fish. All throughout the city, there are lots of impressive seafood restaurants. Historically, the oldest serving restaurant in the US – Faneuil Hall – is located in Boston.

Plenty of social activities

In Boston, there is never a shortage of things to do. It is the east coast hub of conferences, museum tours, comedians, and musicians. At the opulent Wang Center for the Performing Arts, you get to enjoy some traditional shows like Riverdance or Les Miserables. Venture more into the city’s nightlife with world-class symphonies and opera at the Boston Opera House. The black box theater of the famous Charles Playhouse is a regular host of the eclectic Off-Broadway shows.

Summer is well-packed with exciting social activities including

–              For the HONK: where people plunge into the streets in bands with celebratory music and colorful attire. Held in October this festival features everything from New Orleans brass bands to Balkan music.

–              Boston Fashion Week: get a chance to interact with famous fashionistas in the world of fashion.

–              Boston Calling music festival: now held once a year now features more music stages that ever before. This festival has been rated by Consequence of Sound as one of the Top 10 Festivals held in the U.S. So, prepare to participate music festival rounds this summer with 3 days of beer gardens, vendors, and outdoor music.

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