Planning Your Move To Boston In June


Planning Your Move To Boston In June

If you plan to be moving to Boston in June, you’re in luck. Average high temperature in June is only about 75 but lows hovering near 60 may not quite as appealing. But remember, you will probably get a nice breeze through your bedroom window at night. Boston is the second windiest city in the country. Only Chicago is considered windier.

When the time comes to pack up and move with your family and all your belongings, the cost can be pretty daunting as well as causing a great deal of apprehension. Those who have seen the movie, “Odd Jobs” and remember the furniture moving company, may never look at the moving industry again, although of course, that movie was geared toward getting laughs, not the safe delivery of your precious furniture.

There is the option of retaining a company that delivers a storage unit to your home. You load your furniture and other belongings yourself, but be aware that generally speaking, packing furniture, including expensive objects such as lamps, paintings, couches and dining room sets complete with china cabinets is not really a job for amateurs. And if you follow this method, although you may save up front, the damage possibly caused by improperly packed belongings may seriously outweigh the savings you thought you might have.

If you’re moving a long distance, perhaps from as far away as San Francisco or Portland, the chances of damage to improperly packed furniture is increased by every mile the van travels over our nation’s failing freeways.

Dishes and glassware have to be carefully wrapped and packed. Any objects of porcelain, such as lamps, vases, statuettes, figurines, etc. must be securely packed in padding that ensures their safe arrival.

China cabinets as well as other large pieces with glass present another challenge. Often too, the glass is convex it can be extremely expensive to replace, and worse still, if the piece is an antique, replacement for broken glass or other parts of an object can approach the impossible.

While it is true you can and should not only have your belongings insured, it is important to remember that most policies do not automatically cover these when they are being moved. You should immediately contact your insurance agent and have him/her include a rider that will cover any possible damage to your property while in transit. But of course money alone cannot replace many of our most precious belongings. Therefore it is recommended that the greatest care should be taken, especially when you choose to do the packing yourself. Frequently the kids want to help but their lack of experience it likely to make them pretty weak in the moving category so it would be imperative to recheck everything they may have packed before storing it inside the storage unit.

If you have something like a piano the challenge is doubly increased. Many companies do not deal with pianos, so that should be discussed before you hire a company, or you can perhaps find another company that specializes in piano moving. If you have a grand piano, even a five foot baby grand, you may not realize that the movers have to remove the top, lay the piano on its side and remove the legs and pedals and then carefully wrap everything in heavy padded quilting. Another unavoidable thing to remember is that once set up at its destination, your piano will have to be tuned by a professional piano tuner. Normally several can be found on the Internet or in the local phone book.

If you’re a business person and plan to relocate your office to Boston, you have made a wise choice because of its location, local amenities and nearby neighbors such as New York City.

However, moving a business office presents its own series of challenges that the home furnishing mover does not.

In the first place you undoubtedly want to keep your business going while making the move. Losing touch with a customer, even for a day while you’re busy trying to work with movers, can cause you to lose your customer. Therefore, it is vital that you plan your business move in such a way that it will have minimal impact on your daily business activities.

If your business is large enough, you may have a trusted employee who can field for you while you take care of all the preparations and plans for the move to Boston, or inversely, perhaps you will feel enough confidence to permit a trusted employee to handle the details of the move. In any case, it is clearly vital that someone be in charge of the daily affairs of the business, be it large or small, as it is vital that someone make certain the details of the move are handled to make the entire transfer of business as smooth and painless as possible.

Normally, many of the concerns the homeowner may have over precious furnishing, antiques, perhaps a cabinet that belonged to the homeowner’s grandmother these are concerns that the average office does not have. Unless you have an opulent office with ornate handcrafted mahogany desk and a custom designed chair fit for royalty, most office furniture can readily be replaced by any office supply firm. Still, replacing damaged furniture, like everything else only adds not only to your expense but to your satisfaction with the entire operation.

Computers and files present their own problems. These must be preserved at all costs. Duplicated USB chips are important in case of damage to a computer. Memory chips can easily be transported by the business owner him/herself thus securing their safe arrival. It would also be prudent as well, to place duplicates in a safe deposit box or mail them to a place where in the case of other damage, they would be readily available.

Moving to Boston in June or at any time of the year is a wise choice. Boston is a lively and thriving city and will welcome you and/or your business with welcome arms.