Moving to Watertown


Moving to Watertown

With a population near 39,000, Watertown MA is one of fourteen municipalities in the Greater Boston area that has “The town of” incorporated into their official name despite using the services of the city of Boston. Watertown consists of six different neighborhoods that all share a unique history that is part of the New England area.

For many, Watertown is a wonderful place to live thanks to its good public school system, diverse types of houses and safe, quiet neighborhoods that are perfect for families.

The History of Watertown MA

There is archeological evidence to suggest that the area of Watertown was inhabited by Native American tribes for thousands of years before the arrival of the colonists. This is probably due to the location of the Charles River in which fish and fowl were plentiful.

The Saltonstall Plantation was one of the first settlements of colonists in the area which was formed in 1630. Arguably because of the nearby river, the town was called “Watertown”. For a while, Watertown was rivaling Boston in terms of size, but that soon gave way as Boston grew tremendously over the next century while Watertown settled into an area of fine gardens, large estates and the location of one of the first grist mills and woolen mills in America.

Since then, Watertown has been surrounded by the Greater Boston area and has become part of the city, although it does retain its own name and unique character.

The Neighborhoods of Watertown

There are six established neighborhoods in Watertown, each with their own style and charm that is reflected in their names;

  • Bemis
  • Brigham
  • Coolidge Square
  • East Watertown
  • Watertown Square
  • West End

Watertown is bordered by Soldiers Field Road and the Massachusetts Turnpike which makes it one of the best places to live for commuters to the downtown Boston area. Watertown Square is the location of many different bus and trackless trolley routes which thousands of commuters take each day when travelling to work.

The Climate and Economy

Watertown enjoys a typical New England climate with warm summers and chilly winters while offering beautiful spring and exceptional fall weather. The variety of weather conditions has helped make Watertown and the New England area in general a great place for those who enjoy the changes in the season.

Although Watertown sports no large corporations, there are many small retail businesses and local shops that dot the six different neighborhoods. The community offers many different small companies which operate within the limits of the town which provide excellent service to the community. Although, it is fair to say that the Watertown MA location is one that offers excellent access to the rest of Boston proper. This means that many residents can find what they need in and around the Watertown area with ease.

Overall, the quiet neighborhoods and family friendly atmosphere make Watertown MA a wonderful place for people to live. This is especially true if they want to enjoy the many advantages of living in the Greater Boston area.