Moving to Canton MA


Moving to Canton MA

Located in the Greater Boston area approximately 15 miles southwest from downtown, Canton MA is a vibrant town of roughly 22,000 people.

The History of Canton MA

On February 23rd, 1797, Canton was officially incorporated after being part of the city of Stoughton MA. The name itself was originally suggested by Elijah Dunbar, who was the first President of the Stoughton Musical Society, the oldest choral society that still exists in the US. Dunbar believed that the location of the town was on the opposite site of the Earth from Canton, China and therefore the name stuck.

The first Copper Rolling Mill in the US was built by none other than Paul Revere in Canton in 1801 and Revere even wrote the poem, “Canton Dale” as an expression of his affection towards the town itself. Also, Elijah Morse created the Rising Sun Stove Polish Company as well as invent the pot-belly stove which became quite popular though the 19th century.

As Boston grew, it surrounded and brought in Canton MA which is now part of the city. Although, Canton does retain its own government through the Board of Selectmen, a five member panel that runs the daily operations of the town.

The Neighborhoods of Canton MA

Canton has a number of good neighborhoods both historic and modern which dot the city. The Canton Corner Historic District is arguably the most famous in the town and the center for plenty of activity as well. Those moving into the city can find neighborhoods with homes of different values while enjoying good transportation that gets them in and out of Boston proper.

The Canton Viaduct which was created in 1835 is one of the two oldest that uses multiple arch stone railroad bridges that are still actively used. Plus, the Massachusetts Audubon Society has a prominent Visual Arts Center where the famed Mildred Morse Allen Wildlife Sanctuary is currently held.

The Climate and Economy

Canton enjoys a temperate climate much like that in the New England states with warm summers and cold winters, but exceptional spring and fall weather that helps make this particular town a place to live and visit during these times.

The economy of Canton hosts the headquarters of many well known corporations, including Dunkin’ Donuts, Reebok, Computershare, OneBeacon Insurance and more. The Salvation Army makes it headquarters in Massachusetts in Canton as well.

Of the major employers, Reebok is the largest with over 1,100 employees which the rest being shared by the aforementioned corporations as well as many different small businesses that dot the area. The area itself does work as part of the Greater Boston area which means that many of the residents work in places other than Canton. However, there are numerous shops, stores and places of work within the Canton area itself as well.

Canton MA is a beautiful, thriving town in the Greater Boston area that offers a great location for those who are interested in living in this part of the country. Canton MA retains its small town spirit while having the conveniences of a larger city that surrounds it.