Moving to Boston

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Moving to Boston

Moving to Boston and the Boston area can be a real hassle. Depending on the area you are moving from and the area that you are moving to you may be required to get a Boston moving permit.

The permit makes things simpler for your present neighbors, your new neighbors, and traffic control police by preparing a scheduled time for your move.

You have to go to City Hall to get a permit. You must apply in person. The permit includes signs that are intended to prevent people from parking in the area where your mover will park their truck or van. This makes moving easier on the mover and on you. The signs that you get from the city also cover the location you will be moving to.

You really need to think about how long it will take to load and unload the van or truck that you will be using to move. This will determine what the “no parking” signs say and may affect the cost of the permit.

Your mover can be an invaluable resource in determining how long it will take to get your belongings in the truck and out of the truck. An experienced mover will look at what you have to move and can give you a very accurate estimate of the time it will take to load or unload your furniture and all the household goods you have to move. A mover can even get the permit for you provided the mover has your authorization, the location you are moving from and to, and the date of the move.

You must apply for a residential move permit at least three days before you plan to move. The signs that you get when you pay for the permit must be posted at least two days before the actual move in order to let your new neighbors move their cars so the cars will not be towed. If the location that you are moving to has parking meters then you must get a permit a least two days before the move and post the signs you get at least 24 hours before the move.

Most areas that have metered parking will require that you pay a fee of $20 per meter per day. The “no parking” signs cost four dollars each.

The process can take from 15 minutes to an hour depending on the time of year. More people move in the summer so you should take that into consideration in you move planning.

This may seem like an unnecessary hassle or a moving tax but you have to understand that Boston is a busy city with a lot of events going on. The idea is to provide you with the means to move as quickly and efficiently as possible without interfering with automobile traffic or pedestrian traffic any more than is absolutely necessary. Look at it this way a permit helps you establish good relations with neighbors from the start. This relationship can be extremely important if you are moving to Boston.

The permit is just part of the process of moving to and around Boston. Your mover can handle this for you and the costs will be included in the cost of the move. You can make your move a little easier by letting the mover do this little chore for you because the good movers in Boston have done this part f the job thousands of times.