Moving to Boston in spring


Moving to Boston in spring

Many people have come to realize that spring is prime time for moving in Boston. The days are warmer and yet the summer heat is not yet making life uncomfortable. Families with children enjoy spring break and that week off from school offers a great opportunity to move with minimal disruption.

Spring Moving in Boston

Moving is hard work, and adding sweltering summer heat or icy winter walkways certainly adds to the stress. Since many people are forced to move in the summer months, that puts a huge demand on quality moving companies, furniture movers, commercial movers and piano movers. By moving in spring and booking your movers early you ensure a much easier and less stressful moving experience. Moving in the month of May is a very good choice for moving in Boston.

Whether moving your commercial business or your residential contents, you will need some basic moving supplies. You will need boxes, packing material, tape, markers and an appliance dolly. It is a good idea to have bubble wrap and paper to protect delicate items, and some blankets and straps for moving bulky items through doorways.

Any time you move, you have challenges with the weather, but moving in Boston in spring increases chances for rain. Though it may be inconvenient, it is not the end of the world. Just be a bit prepared. Cardboard boxes are much more durable than you may think. As long as the boxes are well taped with shipping tape (and reinforced on the bottom with tape) the contents should be okay. However, the clothes you were going to leave on the hangers will not fare as well. Mattress covers, plastic table cloths or shower curtains make great protectors as well as large trash bags for make-shift covers. You can pull a 40 gallon bag over a stack of clothes quite easily. If you are moving artwork, or photographs, grab a box of plastic wrap and cover it easily.

BE READY – Moving in Boston weather can catch you off guard

Have everything packed, taped and marked clearly before the moving truck arrives. You want to move your items quickly to the truck and remove them quickly. Unmarked boxes causing confusions, or trying to do the rain drop dash with open boxes is not going to work. Wrap it, pack it, mark it and move it. If you are moving your commercial facility, make sure equipment is well covered and file cabinets are locked or taped shut

Moving is hard work. Put the items you need to come off the truck first – on the truck last. Stage your items so you know what is going where. You should put winter clothes and storage items like holiday decorations on first. They will be deep in the truck and will come off last. Those items will not be needed for a while so they can be set aside while you access more important items. Place some towels by the door to quickly wipe off anything that got wet on the way in. Make sure everyone has on shoes that do not slip.

There are some wonderful cleaning services for hire in Boston, but it is still a good idea to protect walkways and entryways from muddy shoes. Failing to do so could insure extra expenses that could have been avoided.

Rain always brings the chance of wet basements. Be prepared to store items that will go in the basement elsewhere in the event that there is a leak to or from where you are moving. If items are already wet, store them in dry, waterproof containers until they can be properly dried so they will not damage other items on the truck. Do not try to dry things out during the move. Do not wait until the last minute to prepare the contents of the basement if the facility you are moving from has had water problems in the past.

When working with commercial or residential movers in Boston (or anywhere) communication is the key. Do not let lack of communication turn a stressful experience into a major problem. If you have special needs or requirements, speak to them well beforehand to insure everything is understood and prepared for. Remember, they are professionals and they probably have dealt with your issues before. Talk to them!

Make sure you understand what they can and cannot do before the big day. Ask them about their policy on moving plants and food items. Some things cannot be moved by movers and you need to be clear with what you expected and respect their industry rules.

You may also inquire about any requirements or issues you have concerning a pet. Do not assume they will just do everything for you. Know your responsibilities.

Moving day is probably hardest on children. If your children are to be present during the actual moving of the furniture and belongings to the truck, please keep them with you and safe. Furniture movers may not see a little person on the stairs if they are moving a large bed down them. Have something to keep your child busy and do not leave them unattended. There are many ways a child could be hurt during moving day.

Preparation, communication and planning will insure an easy and safe May moving day in Boston. You will find use of a professional moving company is very beneficial to you. Their expertise saves you time and reduce your stress for an event free moving experience.