Moving Supplies


Moving Supplies

The Right Moving Supplies Will Help With Moving Day

We have all experienced the dreaded “moving day”. It seems as though it should be a simple process, gathering your household items from one house or apartment and moving them to another. However, it is not that simple. There are items that are breakable, pieces that are sentimental, and furniture that is awkward or too big to get out the door. So, this is a compiled list of moving supplies needed for that big day to make the move a smooth one.

Boxes are important. You will want boxes of various sizes. Make sure that none of the boxes are so big that when they are packed, it requires two people to carry them. Also consider boxes for cutting pieces to fit in the bottom of boxes you are packing so as to make the bottom stronger. This means you will also need a box cutter, a pocket knife, or a pair of scissors. Although a box cutter is more efficient.

Permanent markers are another moving supply that is needed when packing boxes. The last thing you want is to have a room full of boxes with no idea what is in them. Labeled boxes allow them to be put in the appropriate room.

Another essential item amongst your moving supplies is box tape. It is more efficient to purchase box tape on a dispenser that you can run along the top of the box to fit then with one motion the tape is cut by the dispenser. Be sure to have sufficient tape. Going out to buy more is not convenient when you are trying to complete the moving venture in a day.

When you are packing the breakable and sentimental items, you will want to have newspaper or bubble wrap, if this is in the budget. All breakable items need to be securely wrapped in one of these so they do not bounce around in the box and break. Bubble wrap gives extra protection if a box is accidentally dropped.

Not everyone has six or eight people to help them move their large items and furniture. You will want to have a furniture dolly. This is an item you can always rent. If you are using a moving service, most likely they already have a furniture dolly. In the event you are moving via pick-up truck, then renting one will make the moving of large pieces much easier on your back. Remember your tool box with screw drivers and a hammer to take apart any large pieces that will not fit through the door.

Consider using old blankets, tarp, or throws to put between wood pieces. When moving furniture, they have a tendency to move around. The blankets or throws will reduce scratches and dents. Purchase some bungee cords to hold the items securely in place. These reduce the worry of your items moving around when loaded on the back of a pick-up truck with furniture.