Moving in Spring – Is It the Best Time?


Moving in Spring – Is It the Best Time?

There is something really attractive about moving in spring-time. The air is fresh and clean; the dismal winter has turned its back and it is the time for new starts, giving one a spring-in-the-step and renewed energy with a forward-looking mindset. The clocks are springing forward and everything, including the housing market, is waking up with renewed energy. Hibernating though the winter is great, but when the fresh, new air starts permeating the nose and the soul – renewed energy makes one want to get up and start doing.

Moving generally evokes groans from the family at the thought of having to pack everything up into boxes, cleaning out closets, throwing away accumulated junk and then doing it all over again at the other side. Having to reassemble larger objects, put up pictures and find space for everything is a major undertaking and yet millions of people, all over America do it, every day.

The movers also generally prefer spring as there is less likelihood of having rain on the boxes. Slippery sidewalks when carrying a piano can be fatal to the piano as well as the mover. The summer time is hot and muggy and prolongs a move because of the discomfort. The added bonus of moving in spring is having the kids at home on spring break to help – that’s where the groans come in!

Getting organized long before your move is the ideal. Spring-cleaning, which one does every year, can be taken a bit further with the thought of what NOT to take to the new house. Cleaning out the garage or attic, means cleaning it out – throwing away instead of packing back neatly. Having garage sales will pay for your forthcoming move and will be great for the feeling of freedom-from-clutter, as well as the bank balance.

Making lists may seem like another groan, but with all the spring energy in you, it should be a doddle. It will greatly help the furniture movers when they arrive, to ensure that the right things are put into the correct places at your destination. Although the furniture movers make their own labels and do their own lists, something will always be misplaced and it will only be found weeks or months later when you are looking for something else. Depending on how quickly you can unpack!

Using the best and cheapest moving company in Boston

Even for small moves, it is best to pack your items in sturdy, long-lasting boxes, properly wrapped. It is usually the little treasures that you have been keeping for years, which end up breaking. Moving doesn’t have to be traumatic if you choose your furniture moving company with care.

In Boston, the rave reviews of the customers about Bell Air Moving Company, speaks louder than TV advertising! The care, friendliness and professionalism of the moving teams are beyond reproach and even though they take extra care, they are so professionally organized, the move is done quickly and efficiently.

They will pack everything for you, labelling the boxes and using different packaging materials to accommodate different categories of items to ensure they reach their destination in perfect order. The moving teams handle the items with such care and attention; you would think everything was actually theirs.

Piano movers Boston

Bell Air Moving is the piano-moving specialist. Contrary to popular belief, moving a piano doesn’t un-tune it, but because of the delicate tuning of the strings, the softness of the hammers and the high shine of the exterior, great care should still be taken. Upright pianos are easier to carry but the baby grand or grand needs extra care. It is placed onto a moving-dolly with shock-absorbing pads and security wrapped and strapped and transported – still on the dolly, only to be removed at its final destination. Only piano moving professionals would know how to do this properly and there are very few of these around.

Long distance and Commercial movers in Boston

Moving inter-state is no different to moving around the corner – except it is a bit farther and generally a lot more expensive. The same care to packing has to be taken; the same professionalism and so on, but it greatly helps if you could get the best and cheapest, movers in Boston, with a superlative track record.

Bell Air Moving in Boston are well versed in Commercial moving, taking especial care with delicate office and computer equipment, glass-top desks and trophies and using trucks with the correct displacements to carry the heavy items like board-room desks.

Boston Storage Units

Timing is sometimes a factor moving home. Your house is sold and the new owners want to move in, but your new home isn’t ready yet, so what do you do? Store your furniture in a storage unit with the full assurance that it will be kept safe and secure and moved to your new home whenever you need it. The same scenario for your company applies – Bell Air Moving offers storage facilities that are inexpensive and professionally handled.

The storage facilities have been built with specially strong, water-proof and fire-proof materials and are monitored for theft and weather conditions and every eventuality has been taken care of. You can leave your goods there for long or short terms with total peace of mind.

Moving in spring time is the best time for everyone, but if you absolutely cannot, then moving at any time of the year with Bell Air Moving of Boston, must be your choice of Boston Moving Companies.