Moving in Norwood

Town of Norwood Mass

Moving in Norwood

As part of Norfolk County, Norwood MA offers a population of nearly 29,000 people in location that runs from Boston Harbor to Foxborough in the Greater Boston metropolis. The town itself is named after Norwood, England and is one of the older sections of what is now Boston MA.

The History of Norwood MA

The original location of Norwood was first founded in 1678 when Ezra Morse constructed a sawmill in what was then hunting grounds used by Native Americans and the colonists. Until 1872, Norwood was officially part of Dedham MA until it established its own government. Norwood was the source of many “Minutemen” who fought during the Revolutionary War and actually joined in the first battles of Lexington and Concord.

The town itself retains many of its unique characteristics, but like many other towns in the area was absorbed into the Greater Boston metropolis.

The Neighborhoods of Norwood MA

The modern homes of Norwood sit near the older, historic homes that have been a part of the community for centuries. One of the most famous is the Oak View Mansion which was completed in 1870. The site of much socializing in the region, the mansion hosted future US Presidents William Howard Taft and Calvin Coolidge.

In addition to the rail and bus service, Highway US 1 is a major artery of the Boston area that runs right through Norwood and offers excellent commuting opportunities for residents. Norwood is well located to reach most areas of Boston quickly as well as locations further away thanks to the US 1 which reaches Providence, Rhode Island.

The town square of Norwood holds the Norwood Memorial Municipal Building or Town Hall which includes a striking 57’ carillon tower, the seventh largest in the US. There are many historic structures in the town, but they are mixed in with the more modern buildings and homes that reflect the growing nature of the community.

The Climate and Economy

Norwood MA enjoys the typical climate of the New England area. While closer to the Atlantic Ocean, it does enjoy warm summers and chilly winters that are offset by beautiful spring and outstanding fall weather. This mixture of weather conditions makes Norwood an ideal place for those who love New England weather.

Norwood is a typical town in the Greater Boston area with plenty of shops, stores and retail outlets that serves the community. Arguably the most impressive economic aspect of Norwood is the famed “Automile”, a collection of car dealerships that stretches along Route 1 in Norwood. In fact, many Boston residents shop for vehicles along the Automile which has become somewhat legendary in the New England region.

In addition to the many shops and stores in the area, Norwood is also well known as an art community. Famous photographer Fred Holland Day made his home in Norwood MA and his home is now a museum and headquarters for the Norwood Historical Society.

Overall, Norwood MA is an excellent place to live and work thanks to its great location in the Greater Boston area.