Moving in Hot Summer Weather – What To Know


Moving in Hot Summer Weather – What To Know

While most of us would much rather move during the hot summer months, as opposed to waiting until those harsh northeastern winters have hit, Boston moving companies know how important is to remain safe during the hottest months of the year.

Whether you are seeking Boston storage units to house your most important possessions during the summer or you require the help of furniture moving companies, there are a number of helpful tips and pointers that are designed to provide you with assistance during a hot summer weather move.

Boston summers can be oppressive hot, making moves more difficult for those who have not properly prepared, so be sure to read on and learn more about the most important things to know for your upcoming move.

Plan For Your Move In Advance

Planning for any move in advance is a necessity, especially when you are opting to move during the hottest months of the year. By planning ahead of time, you are able to make the move more hospitable to your friends and family members who are pitching in, as well as any Boston moving companies whose help you decide to enlist.

Don’t cut it too close when it comes to time. Don’t plan your moving day itinerary without providing yourself with additional breathing room, as you never know when you may need to stop and take a break to keep from overheating. As an added bonus, planning ahead of time allows you to call furniture moving companies in your area and book a move for a time of the day that is less hot and less busy.

Make Arrangements For Little Ones and Pets

The average adult is able to soldier on through the heat and continue to work in hot conditions, but you should never expect the same from your small children or your pets. This is another reason why you should plan ahead, as a summer move typically means that your children will be out of school and need to be taken care of during the process. In most instances, your best choice is to find a sitter who is willing to watch your pets and children as you head from point A to point B.

It is also important to pack any and all items that your children and pets will need once you have arrived in smaller boxes that are easier to find and kept away from all of your other items. Packing your children’s favorite toys or your pet’s food dishes in the larger boxes with the rest of your stuff means having to tear apart every package to look for the aforementioned items upon arrival.

Protect Your Belongings

Some of us spend so much time worrying about our own welfare during a hot summer move and we forget that the items we are moving will also need a strong level of protection in order to avoid damages. Your leather furniture and your electronics are left at risk during a balmy day and if you are unclear on how to protect these crucial items, be sure to ask furniture moving companies for further assistance.

Identify your items that are most sensitive and make alternate plans for transporting them. If you are taking a separate car to your new residence, place these items in an area where they will be exposed to air conditioning, as opposed to tossing them onto an oversize, overheated moving truck that will not be able to offer them the sort of protection that they need.

Dress For The Occasion

Your first instinct might be to protect your arms and legs from nicks and bruises that tend to happen as a result of moving, but any additional layers that you wear during a hot summer weather move are only going to serve to make you less comfortable. There is nothing wrong with providing coverage to the most crucial areas of the body, but the wardrobe goal for a summer move should be to wear as few clothes as possible.

After all, nothing is less comfortable than lugging your largest and most fragile items around while you have a long sleeve T-shirt clinging to your back from sweat. Choose materials that are lightweight and allow for the skin to breathe, so that you can avoid such instances. The looser the clothing the better, as form fitting tops and bottoms will only cause you to sweat even more.

Take Sufficient Breaks and Remain Hydrated

We are often tempted to forgo breaks and water when we are in the process of moving, since these distractions only serve to keep us from our primary objective, which is to finish the move as quickly as humanly possible. There is very little to be gained by pushing yourself through a difficult period and when you begin to feel any sort of fatigue, you are at far greater risk for sustaining a severe injury that could linger long after the move has been successfully completed.

It is also important to drink copious amounts of water, as you will need to replace all of the fluids that your body will expend during the moving day process. Keep a bottle of water handy at all times during the move, so that you can hydrate quickly and easily. While it may seem silly to stop what you’re doing and drink water every few moments, being forced to cease your move because you have fallen into a state of severe dehydration is even sillier.