Moving in Cambridge

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Moving in Cambridge

The city of Cambridge, Massachusetts has a rich, long and interesting history in our country. Located in Middlesex County and part of the greater Boston area, Cambridge is perhaps most noted for being the home of Harvard University and MIT or the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. With a population of around 105,000, it is the fifth most populated city in all of Massachusetts.

The History of Cambridge MA

For many centuries Native American tribes lived in the region of Cambridge, but the first European incursion was in 1630 when the site was chosen for its relative safety upriver from Boston Harbor. Founded originally by 700 Puritan colonists, the original village was located where Harvard Square is today.

Over the ensuing centuries Cambridge grew and was eventually encompassed by Boston itself. Featuring a great deal of history combined with affable living conditions, Cambridge is considered the crossroads of intellectualism thanks to the aforementioned universities that call it home.

The Neighborhoods of Cambridge

A robust community that is often called the “City of Squares” due to the sheer number of commercial districts that are bordered by major intersections. Cambridge offers several distinguished neighborhoods that are highly respected and offer attractive living conditions.

The aforementioned Harvard Square not only contains Harvard University, but is also a major center for shopping. The Red Line Station serves this particular area and just a short distance away is Cambridge Common, a popular neighborhood in the city. Kendall Square is also called Technology Square thanks to being on the eastern end of the MIT campus. Central Square offers a wide variety of ethnic restaurants and has undergone an extensive renovation.

While there is relatively little space for parks, the large campuses serve in that capacity and include Harvard Yard and the Mount Auburn Cemetery as well which was the first planned landscape in the US. However, Cambridge Common is one of the more prominent parks that is adjacent to the Harvard campus.

The Climate and Economy

Cambridge offers a typical New England climate that is somewhat moderated by being close to the Atlantic. With warm summers and cold winters, the best time of year is arguably the fall when the cool breezes hail the arrival of the fall foliage which helps make New England famous. The university campuses are particularly stunning this time of year as well.

The primary drivers of the economy in Cambridge MA is not surprisingly universities and technology. However, health care firms play a very prominent role in Cambridge as well thanks to the number of biotech firms and the like. However, the biggest employers are still Harvard and MIT with the city government itself a distant third.

Overall, Cambridge MA is a great place to live with plenty of opportunities for those seeking employment at the university level or in technology-oriented jobs with healthcare not being far behind. Cambridge is quite representative of the greater Boston area in many ways and emphasizes the importance that higher education places in the world as we know today.