Moving From Boston To New York

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Moving From Boston To New York

If Boston is known as the city that gets eight hours sleep, New York is the city that doesn’t sleep!

Moving from Boston to New York can be an exciting and stressful experience alike, and if you don’t take any precautions your excitement can rapidly turn into a nightmare. You can make your move to the “Big Apple” a smooth process and one that will give you peace of mind and make you settle easily by choosing reputable Boston movers.

Finding quality movers Boston residents can rely on is not as difficult as you may assume. You’ll need to get different quotes, read reviews and visit the company’s premises to ensure that you are using a legitimate and reputable service that won’t scam you. You may also want to consider checking if the company has Better Bureau Standards. Always remember that the kind of service you will get from the company rep, will indicate the overall service you’ll likely receive.

You can easily move from Boston to New York without the slightest glitch, but that will however depend on your chosen Boston moving companies. New York is a great place to live and settle, and your first start to having a pleasant stay begins with the moving company.

The first step when looking for a reputable company to help you move from Boston to New York is to visit the Internet or call local real estate agents and find at least three moving companies that are located in your area. The companies you find must have websites; this is beneficial because scammers don’t like websites in fear of being tracked. Try narrowing down your search to companies with experience, especially those who’ve have been in business for at least 10 years. Don’t hire moving brokers because current legislation related to them is insufficiently written, and hardly enforced.

Setup appointments with these companies, and get them to come to your house and inspect your property. If they are not comfortable coming to your house to inspect, move on to the next company. Find out if they will be performing the move or if they will sub-contract another company. If they plan on giving the job to a third party, likewise move on. Visit their offices, see certification standards and make sure they are who they say they are. Take a look at their fleet and storage facilities. Make sure their trucks and vans permanently bear the company’s name. Rogue moving companies will show up on the day with temporary signs attached to a rental truck, it’s always important to know about them well in time.

Most moving companies will give you a quote based on the amount of property to be moved. Find out about their pricing options, and what other services they provide other than transporting your property. Do they do cleaning, supply packing material and so on? Also find out the amount of insurance they provide and if they calculate the value of your goods. Avoid movers who charge based on cubic feet or signing any paperwork that hasn’t been comprehensively explained. Read the document carefully and thoroughly, and don’t worry about making the company wait.

Know that every moving company is required by law to provide “Your Rights and Responsibilities When Your Move” booklet.

Packing and Moving

Many of us at times believe we have the answers when it comes to packing and moving, unfortunately some things require a professional approach. A reputable moving company will ensure that everything is done right so that when you arrive in New York, none of your belongings will be damaged. In addition to expert packing from professional moving companies, the following tips are also helpful in giving you some insight when packing and moving.


Packing kitchen accoutrements can be very difficult especially considering that a good number of them are made of glass. If you’ve got a china set, you may want to ensure that everything is packed appropriately to avoid breakage when in transit. China sets are obviously fragile, and professional moving companies in Boston will suggest the use of china boxes, better yet even provide one. These boxes protect your fragile dishes when packed properly.

Clothing and Linen

Pack your clothing and linen in medium-sized boxes, make sure to fold them nicely and place dry sheets between them to avoid damp, wrinkle-riddled and smelly clothes when you unpack. For suits and dresses, it is recommended to use a wardrobe box with a bar for hanging your clothes.


Packing lamps in separate boxes is most ideal. One box should contain the shade while the other contains the lamp itself. If you have more than one lamp, you may think of packing multiple shades in one box, but this is not advisable. Metal casing in the shades may make them ruin each other.


When packing books, use small hefty boxes to avoid making them heavy. Place the books flat to prevent bending the pages or the cover. Stack up the books right to the top of the box so that if you stack more boxes on top, the book box won’t falter.


Electronic gadgets should be packed in their original boxes. If they are not available, use dish boxes and be sure to place white paper on the bottom to ensure the equipment doesn’t get damaged. DVD and CD players should be placed last because they tend to be the most important. Leave about 5 inches space between them and fill that with white paper.

Art, Artifacts, Mirrors, Paintings and Collectibles

You want to be careful with your pieces of art, more especially if they pricey. Framed paintings or pictures can be packed in special picture boxes. These boxes can carry up to two separate paintings if you use white paper to cover them.


Small household appliances such as blenders, toasters and the like should be packed in their original boxes and then placed in bigger dish pack boxes. Appliances are not designed to withstand moving, and if they are not packed well they can easily get damaged. Place white paper to avoid appliances bumping each other when on the move.

If your refrigerator is also moving, make sure to remove the shelves and pack them in separate containers beforehand. If you leave them in the fridge, they are bound to fall out and get damaged.

Avoid packing perishable foods or liquids such as soaps, detergents, shampoos, etc. Its fine to pack canned foods, but any other food should be taken with you separately. If you are also taking any liquids, carry them with you. Liquids can easily break and leak, and cause damage to other packed items.

Make sure your plasma TV is packed in its original box because such TVs contain gases that have the potential to leak while on the move. Any other types of TVs can be packed by Boston movers anytime with cardboard and some blankets.

As much as moving can be a very exciting transition for the most part, but as you move, you also need to wary and vigilant about your personal belongings. This is a time when you are very vulnerable around your property, and a time when thieves are eager to pounce on you. Any vulnerable items like money, personal information, insurance papers, jewelry and other important documentation should be taken along with you always.