Moving An Entire Wardrobe Is Easy


Moving An Entire Wardrobe Is Easy

Moving itself can often feel like a losing battle. Between all the things needed to be packed, put on the trucks, and then unpacked and put away. It may seem like the entire thing is just going to take forever. Maybe you’re ready to give up and burn everything, but you don’t need to. Take a breath, and remember that no matter what you are doing you are about to embark on a new adventure in a new home.

Getting Started: Supplies

The wardrobe is often the largest piece of furniture in the bedroom, and this makes it one of the most irritating of all to pack and move. While there are many things that might be running through your mind like, where do I start? Do I need packing materials? What can I put my wardrobe in? Do I have to take out my clothes?

There’s no need to worry about it as with the right preparation and information this task is easily achievable. Everything you need to know about First you will need to get yourself organized with the right type of boxes for your clothes. If you’re not planning on using boxes but rather are using suitcases, pack as if you were going on vacation.

Before you even start packing, wash all of your clothes and make sure they are completely dry before packaging. Any clothes that are stained or damaged should be repaired and treated rather than packed. These items can often be dropped off at a delivery service or local dry cleaners. This takes away the chance of cross contamination among the clean clothes causing you to have to rewash them once you have unpacked the new home.

Packing Your Wardrobe

Next you will want to protect the clothing from damage that could happen while in storage. If you live in an area where moths are an issue, place mothballs inside boxes to ensure the issue is gone. If possible, place the mothballs inside an airtight container with the clothing. After your clothing is clean, you’re ready to put everything away.

For seasonal items, consider using your luggage set. Delicate items that can be damaged by moisture can be plastic lined or placed inside an air tight container much like mentioned above about the mothballs. Another option for delicates is to put them away in a fabric garment bag. Any clothes that you or your family are not using that can be moved to storage, can be put aside and taken to the storage unit as soon as possible. These clothes can be unfashionable items or the clothing that isn’t worn on a regular basis.

This will give your entire family more room in their future closets. For sweaters and knits that can become stressed, roll them instead of leaving them on hangers or folding. Long dresses, coats and heavy pants can be placed in a hanging garment bag as well to avoid needing to be repressed or steamed. Wardrobe boxes are best for remaining clothes on hangers. This makes it much faster to transfer hangers between the wardrobe and the box.

This is a lot better than having to remove the clothes from the hangers, pack the hangers, then fold and pack the clothes, right? Once all clothing has been put away, write on side of boxes with marker or label maker and tape all sides for extra security.

Moving an Entire Wardrobe Itself

After the entire wardrobe has been emptied, it is time to move the item itself. First, any shelves that are not secured should be removed and or repaired before moving the item. Next it is important to secure any doors that could swing open, or come out during traveling. Wrapping the wardrobe in moving blankets, or securing it with straps and moving tape is also a great way to ensure maximum protection.

Next you will want to use a trolley or dolly to move the wardrobe. It is important to remember that it is safer to move furniture in groups of two or more to avoid overstraining or injury. It is important to be aware in advance of the route the wardrobe must take when trying to move. Will it need to go through a doorway or hallway?

Working these details out in advance is going to help make the entire move a piece of cake. Knowing where the wardrobe will go beforehand will also help give ease when trying to put away your clothes. If your family is unsure of how to correctly move furniture it is always best to call the professionals. This will get everything done safely and effectively.

Moving a wardrobe is not easy, but the professionals have plenty of experience and have all the knowledge they need to do it quickly. Ask a friend who may have moved recently what service they used. Word of mouth is always an easy way to get the best moving service. Last and not least, yet most important of all is to check that all boxes, garment bags and luggage is clearly labeled to ensure nothing is misplaced.

Once everything has been double checked it’s time to get on with moving an entire wardrobe with ease. Next thing you know you’ll be at your new home ready to unpack and make a newly organized wardrobe.