Make Your Move from Boston a Cool One

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Make Your Move from Boston a Cool One

Boston reached sweltering temperatures that rose to 96 degrees on Tuesday. Mid-day was blistering. Tuesday went down as the hottest day they’ve had so far this year. The normal highs for this time of year are around 75 degrees, and the old record was 95 degrees back in 2007.

They expected this heat wave to last right on into Wednesday with a gradual scale-down to the mid-80s after that. It’s definitely the kind of time that calls for a good air conditioner, even at night. The air is muggy and thick and the temperatures will still hover around the 70s even at night.

This kind of heat has caused some people to consider moving. Companies like Bell Air Moving are seeing a pretty large increase in customers. People want to stay cool and also know they’re in good hands while they move.

Moving Company that Cares

With a company like Bell Air Moving you are treated just like you are family. They screen their employees and have the top of the line people handling your moving needs. They are honest, hard-working, and professional. They are always glad to go the extra mile and make your move simple and painless.

People get excited about moving. It’s a huge change in their lives. They want a moving company that they can depend on to take care of their belongings with proper packing and handling. They understand the business of moving. They can carefully box things up in a way that ensures they handle the move the way they should. They can dis-assemble the things that need it, and re-assemble them once they reach their destination.

One thing will surely cool you down during your move with Bell Air Moving, and that’s the lack of worry. You don’t have to be stressed out about things getting lost or broken. You know that what you have will make it to its destination in the same shape it was in before it left.

Planning your move

To keep a cool head and low stress levels, good planning is a necessity. When you make a list of everything from the beginning it’s much harder to lose something. With an accurate list you’ll know that everything is going to find its way there.

Having a control list is a great asset when you’re moving to a new place. It will give you step-by-step directions about what things you need to focus on.


When you get the packing right you’ve won half the battle. When you don’t get the packing right, you lose that cool head and the stress level rise, because suddenly a computer cable is missing, or a lamp gets broken. The packing is a huge job and needs to be well thought out.

You need to have fragile things properly marked and place in the right spot during the move. The heavier things should always go beneath the lighter ones, and you should never overload one single box. It’s better to have two small light boxes than to have one large one that’s too hard to handle.

How to Package

It’s a really tough job to transport furniture to a new location when you try it on your own. When there are fragile or antique pieces they need special attention. You need professional help from people who know what they’re doing. With Bell Air Moving that’s exactly what you get.

There are a few different types of materials that are the best for transporting goods. The 5-layer carton is used to back and transport –

·         Clothes

·         Books

·         Bedding (Blankets and Pillows)

·         Dishes

·         CDs

·         Shoes

·         Paintings

and other items like that. Furniture gets packed will the assistance of –

·         Bubble Wrap

·         Roam Rubber

·         Corrugated Cardboard

·         Stretch Tape

while the room furniture and cabinet furniture get disassembled and placed packed as component parts easily by our trained professionals.

Every home has that ‘high quality’ furniture that needs special care. You don’t want to acquire any chips for cracks during your move. Our cargo spaces are always very clean and dry and covered with a thick foam to keep things from being damaged during transport.

Moving without professional help can be a real challenge and a headache to boot. However, when you leave it to the people who know all the ins and outs, it leaves you at peace and with a cool head. No stress.

Office Moving

Businesses are always changing. Not all of them stick to one place for the life of the business. Office moving, when it happens, can be a real handful. A lot of managers sweat bullets when it comes to moving their offices but that doesn’t have to be the case. They have plenty of things to worry about, like documents and files that need to be setup quickly once the move is finished.

They want to know that their move is handled well and everything is organized properly. We know how complex this type of move is, and we’re more than ready to get your business moved in an orderly fashion.

There are computer concerns and fragile equipment to consider. Our experts know all the right moves to make to ensure a smooth and successful transfer of all office equipment.


When it comes to storage Bell Air Moving has the best units is Boston. For both commercial and residential storage we have top quality space for your possessions to sit safely and securely. It doesn’t matter if you only have a few things or you have a lot of things, we can deliver safe storage for your things. We have everything you need for a ‘cool’ move.