How To Make A Smooth Transition And Avoid Costly Problems

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How To Make A Smooth Transition And Avoid Costly Problems

The Better Business Bureau, which handles over 9,000 complaints each year against movers, partnered with the American Moving and Storage Association in warning consumers to be on the lookout for scams. “A scam artist with just a website and a truck can claim to be a reputable and legitimate mover, with dire consequences for people who fail to check out the company well in advance,” said the association’s CEO and president, Linda Bauer Darr.

When hiring interstate movers in Boston, it is important to find the best movers, and who to call to make your move. As a homeowner, you want to have peace of mind knowing that your property and belongings are safe, securely stored and packaged properly as well as handled in the most professional manner. With all these factors to consider, you’ll need a company that you can rely on to ensure an efficient, quick and affordable move, regardless whether you are moving within Massachusetts, to New York or much further to California. Your Boston movers should be able to handle any distance.


When you move interstate, you may need temporary storage for your belongings prior to having them shipped out; a professional moving company will provide such amenities at low-cost or none at all. Movers Boston will give you the option to store your items weeks before you move or even after moving to your new home.

Small or Big Moves

When you hire moving companies in Boston, you need to rely on a company that handles property of any size. Many times, companies will say they can move items of any size, but that may not always be the case. An experienced company will have the right trucks for the job as well as offer professional packing, boxing and wrapping of your belongings. Not all companies are capable of handling large belongings and transporting them safely without damage.

While moving can be an exciting feat, it does come with its fair share of challenges and stress. There are a number of rules you can follow to make sure that you are getting your money’s worth and not becoming a victim of some rogue outfit that holds your belongings hostage until you pay up a lot more money.

The battery of moving sagas gone wrong over the last couple of years have drafted a profile of the usual unsuspecting victim, and how they become one. It goes something like this: they browse the web and find a mover with the lowest quotes. From then, everything falls apart.

Here are some tips to avoid dire problems:

Not All Movers Are Equal

Movers, just like any other service provider, perform at different and varying levels. Some provide top-notch services whilst others are a nightmare.

Carryout a meticulous and comprehensive research on prospective movers before you solicit any bids. The best places to start are the Better Business Bureau, American Moving and Storage Association, and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Then get at least three potential movers to visit your home, especially if you’re moving interstate. In certain states, movers are regulated and therefore consumers have some form of protection. However, interstate movers are not regulated, and it will require your best effort to choose the best Boston moving companies.

You need to feel free and relaxed with whoever you’ll be doing business with. The mover will need to give you a price estimate, and this price will vary across different movers. It is recommended to meet up with them in person and get to know how the present themselves; it will give you a pretty good idea of what kind of service you’ll receive from them.

Never Rely on Online Price Quotes

Movers have to physically see what you’ll be moving. It’s always good to start up conversation over email, phone or online inquiry. The earlier in advance of your move you start this communication, the better it is. But still, the mover — especially for an interstate move – will need to make the trip to your home and assess how much it will cost. Its only then that they can be in a position write you an estimate that will hold (although there can be some minor adjustments of about 10 percent).

Online quotes, in contrast, are pointless and they often serve as an indication of a looming scam. What basically happens is: you agree to a set price, but once your goods have been loaded, you’re then asked to pay a lot more money on top. These usual hostage situations have plagued the moving industry for over 20 years.

Be on the Lookout For Classic Warning Signs

Disreputable and scam movers tend to stick to certain traits as go about swindling innocent customers. The following signals should raise red flags:

• The movers require an upfront payment or big deposit

• They don’t have or are not eager to provide detailed information about their insurance or license or address.

• When answering the phone, they say “Movers” instead of mentioning the company name

• Their trucks, or rather their truck is a rental one without the company name, but with perhaps a temporary magnetic sign

• They claim they offer the lowest price possible which covers everything, and that their insurance covers everything alike – claims that just sound too good to be true.

These are some of the most notable signs to be on watch for — if anything sounds shady, don’t hesitate to walk away.

Low Prices Are Not Always the Best Deal

In a matter of fact, most consumers who have complained about bilked during their moves will attest that they got hooked in by the low price quote. You need to know what the price includes, and what it doesn’t. Don’t be afraid of asking as many questions as you can, and get written answers on your quote. Reputable interstate movers in Boston will obviously tell you of the different extra services, and how much they would cost. If you’ll pay for their boxes, how much will they cost? Are they packing your belongings or are you? If you are going to pack, will it cost extra if they help out? If so, how much? Always bear in mind that, if you pack your own boxes, most moves won’t accept liability for damaged items inside the boxes.

It is also worth keeping in mind that, interstate moving is normally priced based on the weight of the load than shipping distance. Much different to local movers who bill per hourly rate. Based on the American Moving and Storage Association: an average interstate move will cost about $4,300, for a load of 7,400 lb. – equivalent to the contents of a three bed-roomed apartment or two bed-roomed house being moved a distance of 1,225 miles. The figures include packing. If you will be moving locally within the state, the association states that the same load, including the crew charging $200 per hour, would cost approximately $2,300.

Start Planning in Advance

Best believe that, planning to move well in advance is always way better than rushing at the last minute. The earlier you get the ball moving, the more options you’ll have and the better price you’re likely to get. Some interstate movers in Boston do cater for last minute arrangements and will quote you fairly.