How to Help Your College Student to Move to Boston

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How to Help Your College Student to Move to Boston

When you’re making the move to attend college in Boston, you want to be confident that the moving company you hire knows the importance of even the little things. People who move long distance are always worried about how their things will be handled and cared for. With Bell Air Moving your mind can be at ease. Professional service is what we stand for.

Local Moving

When your move is just a short distance away so you can attend school, we know the area better than anybody. Whether your move is in a totally new area within Boston or even in the exact same building, we are the movers for you.

Moving Long Distance

Nobody can be in 2 places at once, so our expert team of professionals are ready and able to make your transition a smooth one. Our team has planning and logistics down to a fine art. We understand how to coordinate both ends of any move and how to deliver maximum efficiency. We look after your possessions as if they were our own.

If you’re moving to attend college and already have your own home office set up, we know just how to handle the packaging and handling of your important items. From computers down to lamp-stands, we can ensure a safe and secure transport.

Once out team kicks into gear you won’t have to worry about handling anything. We can wrap your furniture, keep you files and books in order, install flat panels, and provide you with any assistance required. We are your one-stop shopping when it comes to moving. We take great pains to protect walls and floors and to never scratch or dent any items you need moved.

The Extra Mile

We go the extra mile to make sure that you don’t have to stress out worrying about your things. We keep backup systems in place always with things like –

·         Carpenters

·         Customer Service Coordinators

·         Extra Trucks

·         Extra Movers

·         Emergency Vehicle Repair

and more. We also have excellent storage facilities. Our storage services are just as high quality as our moving services. We offer you a full service storage service, a broad range of sizes, and specialists to help you decide exactly what you need.

Moving students takes an understanding of what they’re going through. We know exactly what they need and are more than capable of getting it done properly. Any student using our services to attend college in Boston can be stress-free. We are a fully licensed and insured company who takes our customers and their possessions very seriously.

We know how to pack boxes and how to transport without damaging the goods. We treat your stuff like it belongs to US.

Let It All Go

Having to pack for college does not have to be a stressful event. When you’re prepared with the proper ‘move-in’ list, a lot of the headaches are done away with. The first thing to do with professional packers like Bell Air Moving, is to forget what you thought you knew about packing, and let them show you what works.

When you pack for college you are also buying things for college, and will need some of that ‘extra’ space for college necessities. We understand the importance of a list and can help you coordinate your move just right.


We are very experienced at this. We understand all the little things that many people overlook because there is so much to consider when moving. Things like securing a good parking space for the moving van and obtaining the proper permits. We know how it goes. We can help you create a plan and a schedule that avoids the many pitfalls that students run into when moving to the Boston area to attend college.

Save Time

If you need to get rid of some of the clutter you have while you’re moving, then there are better options than just sitting it out on the sidewalk. The Boston area has a few organizations that you can use to set up a FREE pickup of some of your items. You can help someone else out while you rid yourself of things you don’t use.


Everybody knows that Boston saw the infamous ‘Boston Tea Party’ that kicked off our American Revolution. Then it witnessed the ‘Big Dig’ that spurred America into a brand new era of development and growth. Many people consider Boston to be the literal ‘Cradle of Modern America’. They also are among the top centers for obtaining higher education. They have premier institutions and universities (some of the best in the world), like Harvard and MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

To attend college there is an exciting time and having to worry about the move is unnecessary. We can handle everything for you as you soak in the whole experience of going to Boston to attend college. Bell Air Moving is more than your average moving company, they’re a friend and ally.

Whether you’re moving from somewhere inside the state or from out on the West Coast, we have everything you need to help you get settled in Boston. Regardless of your reasons for moving to Boston, whether as a student or someone who loves the culture, you can never go wrong with out moving services and expertise. We do much more than just move your furniture, we help you transition and hit the ground running.