Getting a Moving Company Quote

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Getting a Moving Company Quote

There are plenty of moving companies in your community, but just how many of them offer a free quote or estimate for their services? You may find that not too many of them will actually offer a free, up front quote that takes into account everything for a variety of reasons.

However, the importance of getting a proper moving company quote is vital when making your plans to move. You cannot properly budget the money needed if you don’t know what a moving company will charge.

What is a Free Moving Company Quote?

Basically, it is the estimation of what it would cost for a moving company to transport all of your items from one location to another. The estimate would include the cost of their equipment, labor and whatever services they offer as well such as help with packing and the like.

The estimate will also take into account the fuel needed for the truck and any other costs associated with the move itself. A free estimate is preferred by those wishing to move for the obvious reasons of budgeting as well as avoiding any hidden fees or surprise costs.

How a Free Estimate is Obtained

A moving company will base their estimate on two factors, their own rates for moving and what you have that needs moving. For example, if you only have a few items and the move is a relatively short one, the company will look at its rates for the time period, the labor involved and any special needs and then relate a quote back to you.

However, for many people knowing exactly what they have at the time they make the call can be difficult because there’s always that fragile or larger than normal item that needs moving which is not taken into account. In this case, a moving company might be inclined to send a representative to your home so that a complete evaluation may take place.

Having a moving rep in your home is actually a good thing for several reasons. First, you can go through the home with the rep and show everything that needs to be moved from top to bottom and don’t forget what you want to move from the front and backyards as well. A moving company rep will have a checklist so that they will try to cover everything as well.

Plus, you can ask the moving rep questions about what the move will entail which includes the time estimate and so forth. This way, you can get the most amount of information so that when you get the moving company quote, you’ll know exactly what it covers.

Basically, it would not be a good idea to use a moving company unless you got a quote up front and that is guaranteed. Otherwise, you might find yourself facing a number of hidden fees and surprise bills that you did not take into account before. A free moving company quote also helps show the integrity of the company itself as they are going to help you get to your new home.