Five Tips to Packing Your Items

three stacks of boxes

Five Tips to Packing Your Items

Packing for the big move is one of those tasks that often seem herculean in nature when you think of the totality of it. It’s understandable that picking up and moving everything you own in one house and placing it in another, whether it’s around the corner or around the country, can be disconcerting to say the least.

However, you can look at it as an opportunity as well to clear out your old home, get rid of the items that you do not need and reorganize them when you get to your new residence. Admittedly, even thinking about moving in a new way may not take away the concern and even fear many people have about this process.

Here are five simple tips for packing your items for the big trip so that when moving day does arrive you can face it with confidence rather than trepidation.

Start Early

Many moving companies recommend that you start packing as soon as it is practical once you know you are going to move. A good 30 day head start will give you the time needed to ensure that everything is packed and ready to go. You’ll want to organize your packing so that items which are seldom used are taken care of first and then work your way up to items used on a daily basis.

Mark Boxes Properly

Once you have loaded up a box, use a felt tip magic marker and label it as to where it will go in your new residence. That way, anyone can take the box to where it is suppose to go. If the contents are fragile, then label it “FRAGILE” in large, unmistakable letters along with where it will go in your new home. You’ll want to separate all “FRAGILE” boxes from the rest when moving, so keep these aside once filled and labeled.

Pack One Room at a Time

Start with the seldom used items first and then work your way one room at a time after that. You’ll want to have enough boxes and packing materials to take care of each room and make sure that everything is fully accounted. Be sure you have a “miscellaneous” box for each room as well to cover everything.

Separate Fragile Items Completely

Arguably the biggest mistake that people make is putting fragile items in the same box as non-fragile items which usually results in the fragile items become broken or smashed. Keep all fragile items in their own boxes and do not place them in a position to get smashed by other boxes in the truck.

Don’t Seal Boxes Until the Night Before the Move

The day before the move is when you want to double check all of the boxes and everything inside. Once you’ve confirmed that the box itself contains what is needed, use a felt-tipped marker to write on the outside where the box needs to go in your new home and then seal the contents. Be sure to have an extra box or two around just in case you find anything else.

A little preparation done one day at a time can have you ready for the day when the moving company arrives.