Five Tips to Buying Packing Materials

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Five Tips to Buying Packing Materials

You cannot pack your items for moving unless you have the right boxes and packing material. The days of grabbing boxes from behind grocery stores and using newspaper to pack all of your boxes are in the past. Today, you need to think in terms of what type of boxes work best for the items I have as well as the proper packing material so that they arrives safely to their new destination.

There are now different boxes designed to hold specific items as well as the general square or cube boxes for your items available. Plus, there are different types of packing material available to protect your fragile items from damage.

Here are five tips to buying the right packing materials and boxes to successfully pack and move your items safely when the day arrives.

List your Large Items

This means your beds, sofas and other large items that will need to have the proper protection so that they can be moved without fear of scraping, dinging or bumping that causes them to be damaged. There are specific packing items that will protect the corners and the sides so that when they are moved they can be properly protected. By listing the items, you can then remember what to get for each one.

Choose Proper Size Boxes

Many moving companies have different size boxes for items such as mirrors, lamps, clothing and other belongings that do not normally fit into square or cube boxes. For example, if you have three mirrors that have to be moved, you can get three mirror boxes so that they are covered. The same applies to items that do not fit into a normal box. By accounting for these items first, you can then pick up what you need in plenty of time.

Go Lightweight on Packing Material

Newspapers work quite well for some items, but it can make the box heavier than using Styrofoam peanuts or lightweight wrapping material. You want the items inside the box to be fully protects, but also as lightweight as possible so that you or the movers do not strain themselves while carrying them to and from the moving truck.

Seek Professional Advice

Why learn the hard way when you can ask the professionals at the moving company what works best in terms of boxes and packing materials. You will be pleasantly surprised at the advice they offer since it is in their best interest that your move goes as smoothly as possible as well. They can point out what type of boxes work best with particular items, what packing material is best suited for fragile items and even how to pack your boxes and wrap your items correctly so that they are fully protected.

You want to be fully prepared when moving day arrives, so having your items properly packed and well wrapped in the right materials will make the day go by even faster and with fewer headaches. A little preparation in advance with the right materials and boxes means that you are off to a great start.