Five Things to Remember for Moving Day

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Five Things to Remember for Moving Day

Moving day is certainly a very big day in your life, especially if you are moving into your dream home. However, this can also be a confusing day as well that can be fraught with worry over whether you have left anything behind or overlooked something that just might cause a delay or worse, the new residents will find and keep it for themselves.

However, there are things you can do to ensure that moving day goes as smoothly as possible. While a day like this is going to be hectic even with professional movers and helpers, you can minimize the strain and maximize your comfort level simply by following a few tips.

Here are five things to remember on moving day so when the moving company truck arrives, you will have everything in order.


Your checklist is something that can be started days or even weeks in advance. This is your comprehensive list of the rooms that need to be emptied and the larger items that need to be accounted for when moving. Make sure your checklist is something that you can check off as you go so that nothing gets overlooked.

Seal the Boxes

The last thing you should the night before the movers arrive is double check everything and then seal up the boxes. Each bedroom should have a miscellaneous box for cover just in case something at the last minute is overlooked. Keep the miscellaneous boxes unsealed just in case, but the main boxes should be sealed after everything is checked.

Assign Tasks

Even with professional movers, you should assign yourself, family members and friends to take care of particular rooms or tasks so that you can minimize overlooking something when the move is occurring. For example, you can have your kids be in charge of their rooms while friends can oversee the kitchen or bathrooms and you and your spouse takes care of the master bedroom, garage and any other area that needs to be moved.

Line Up the Boxes & Disassemble the Beds

Either the night before or the morning that the movers arrive, you need to line up the boxes and items in each room so that they are easily accessible. In this manner, the professional movers will have little difficulty removing the items. The beds should be disassembled if possible so that they can be loaded as well.