Five Reasons to Hire a Moving Company to Do the Packing


Five Reasons to Hire a Moving Company to Do the Packing

We often think of moving companies as only how we get our items from one place to another, but many of them also offer packing services as well. Some will help pack larger items such as sofas or tables for protection while others offer the complete package and will pack your entire home.

However, these packing services do come with a cost that you otherwise would not pay if you did the packing yourself. This may be one reason why many people choose to spend many hours doing the packing and hoping that they get everything squared away by the time the moving truck arrives.

Here are five reasons why you should hire a moving company to do your packing.


Admittedly, it doesn’t take you nearly as much time to get your home ready to go into the moving truck when you have help doing your packing. The professionals generally move more quickly than you would in packing because they know exactly what each item requires so that it can be shipped safely. However, they also take enough time to ensure that the job is done right as well.

The Right Boxes

We all have probably grabbed boxes from behind the grocery store or other establishment and hoped that they would hold all of our stuff. However, a professional company will use the right boxes that are made for the items in your home. This means boxes for clothing, fragile items and those that have unusual shapes like lamps, toys or a centerpiece that just doesn’t fit into a typical box.

Proper Packing Material

Preparing large items like a sofa to be moved means protecting the corners and wrapping the sides so it doesn’t get scraped. Plus, protecting fragile items means using the right packing material so that they do not collide with other fragile items in the box and chip, crack or break. Professional movers have access to the right moving materials to ensure that your items are protected.

Marking & Sealing the Boxes

Professionals understand not only how to place the items in the box, but how to properly mark and then seal the box so that it is ready to go. Marking the box on the outside is more than just what the box contains, but where it goes in the new home so that it can be taken there immediately. Plus, boxes are only sealed when everything has been properly accounted. This will ensure that if something is overlooked, it can be found first without having to unseal the box to place it inside.