Dental office move


Dental office move

It has become a common act for most dentists to move at least once in the course of a career. This action comes along with some inconveniences, and in most cases unanticipated expenses are incurred mostly as a result of damages experienced.

Why Do Dentist Move

There are quite a number of reasons why dentists move, but one of the most significant and well-known reason behind their move is due to the growth and expansion of the practice. In most cases, dental practices begin on a small scale and with time, they grow and the little spaces on which they were established would no longer accommodate the influx of patients seeking dental care. Thus, a move becomes expedient.

In today’s society, technology has affected virtually all professional sectors. Dental practices are also part of this phenomenon.

As technology advances new medical equipment required for the success and smooth running of dental practices are introduced from time to time. This technological updates force dentists to search for roomy accommodations and move to larger spaces that are roomy enough to accommodate their equipment such as x-ray machines, computerized scanners and the likes. This is one of major reasons why dentist move and it is as well the most delicate decisions dentists are left to make.

Beside the stress involved with moving, you need to think twice especially when expensive and fragile dental equipment are involved or you may end up bearing the loss alone. If you this is you case, you will definitely need the services of an experienced and professional moving company with insurance to help you with the responsibility.

Please note that the job of moving a dental office is not something you can decide to carry out on your own or all by yourself. It is expedient that you employ the service of professional movers to assist you with the task. But most of all insurance is essential.

Reasons For Obtaining Moving Insurance

As you know that most accidents are unanticipated i.e. they mostly occur when you don’t expect and in most times, when you are not insured.

Yes, it wasn’t easy obtaining a new space, finalizing its payment process, and coming to terms with your moving company. This whole process must have been time consuming to complete and now you are done, have you thought about insuring your property against the risk of damage and loss? Or you simply believe that:

  • The moving company should be held responsible for your property. That, as part of the service rendered by them they are liable to provide protection and as well safeguard your property from destruction.
  • Your renters’ insurance policy will cover for you, that’s if your moving company is not in position to do so.
  • Your company should be well able to cover for any loss, since the move is related to a corporate relocation.

Unfortunately, these points do not justify the reason why you shouldn’t obtain moving insurance or get your property insured when you move.

Most moving companies are responsible to pay a minimum of $0.30 per pound of any good moved within a state and a minimum of $0.60 per pound for goods moved outside a state or internationally. In most cases, if you haven’t paid for extra coverages, no payment will be made for any potential loss or damage as you may know that moving companies do not render insurance services.

Also renters’ insurance policy do not apply with dental office move, it only applies for household goods. However, if peradventure it applies and can cover your property, you are fully aware that it is not easy to acquire a new renters’ policy.

Even when the move might be part of a corporate relocation, the whole moving process abides on a subsisting agreement between your company and the third party moving company which in most cases settles on the minimum item coverage of $0.30 or $0.60 per pound.

Importance of Moving Insurance

Moving insurance is an important requirement for relocating properties and goods. However, most people take this to be non-beneficial and thus not necessary. They believe that their moving company will definitely take responsibility for any good or property that gets damaged or destroyed in the process of relocation, and so that alone will do to cover any potential damage or loss.

Most folks also believe that even if their moving company doesn’t make provision for covering damages incurred during transit, renter’s insurance will do. Well, they may be right in both ways but it is recommended that you don’t depend on these types of insurance especially when it comes to dental office move and you want to be sure that all your goods and properties are in good shape or perfect condition during and after moving. Insurance will help to cover damages incurred on your property during the process of relocating them. Moving companies do not insure goods, they only value the extent of damages or destruction incurred and covers for it. This is not insurance but rather it is known as valuation.

Another reason why you need to consider getting proper insurance for your dental office move is because most moving companies do not offer any better property coverage than the Complete Value Protection, which only implies to damaged or destroyed properties and even lost goods. Sometimes it covers repairs and replaces missing property. However, it is important to note that the extent of its coverage depends on the minimum coverage amount per item. So while this option may seem to be favorable it is certainly not a perfect choice.