Deciding Whether To Move A Piano Yourself Or Hire Professionals


Deciding Whether To Move A Piano Yourself Or Hire Professionals

A piano is a beautiful asset to have in any Boston household. Not only does it produce a rich melody, but it can formalize any room it’s in. Talk to music lovers and they’ll tell you that the piano is an instrument that can provide hours of entertainment and joy for any family. There is a hitch. What happens when you have to move it? Should you give it a try yourself or should you hire piano movers in Boston to take it on?

Let’s say you are relocating and packing up the piano is just one more item on your to-do list. Where do you start? Should you take on the task yourself, or should you hire the Boston moving companies to do it? Here are some general guidelines to follow when it comes to making the decision.

First, think about what type of piano you have. Is it a spinet piano? Is it a large upright piano? Is it a grand piano? The answer to this question can help you make up your mind. The spinet piano is the smallest kind of piano, but it can still weigh in at around 300 pounds. It is short in height, but stocky and heavy. The upright piano is taller than the spinet and usually weighs anywhere from 400 to 600 pounds. Finally, the grand piano is normally much larger. Sure there are “petite grand pianos” but they still can weigh half a ton. The normal grand piano can weigh up to 1300 pounds.

Obviously, if you have a grand piano to haul it may be best to hire a Boston-area moving company to manage the project. If your piano is an heirloom, you may want to find professional piano movers in Boston to assure the careful move. If the piano is smaller though, ask yourself what personal resources you have to move. Do you have four part-time linebackers in the family who can help? Or, is it just you and your spouse? These may help you make your decision right off the bat.

Next, when considering moving your piano yourself or hiring furniture moving companies in Boston, think about preparing the piano for the transfer. Do a visual, or rendering, of the move to see exactly what you have to do. Are you taking the piano from the first floor to another first floor location? Or, do you have to bring the piano down from the second floor and return it to the second floor at the new house? Or, are you moving it from a high-rise to another high-rise? Again, thinking it through will help you to decide on what resources you need to move your furniture and whether moving it yourself is a realistic option.

You also want to consider how many people you need for the project if you opt against long-distance movers in Boston. As a general rule, one person can carry 80 pounds of weight. Of course, consider the physical conditioning of the people and their stamina. Also, be sure to understand their lack of moving expertise. Moving men know how to grip and carry large objects without hurting themselves unnecessarily. If your project is too large, be sure to consider that Boston moving company as a viable alternative. Also, are there a lot of doors? Or stairs? Or hallways to travel? If so, your volunteer movers may not be the best choice for moving your piano. A furniture moving company in Boston may be a necessity.

Be aware that professional furniture moving in Boston protects you and your furniture. If something is damaged or someone gets hurt, you are protected. If that happens with your volunteers, there isn’t much recourse.

Next, consider what you need to prepare your piano for the move. Again, you already took stock of the route with stairs, hallways, doors and know the destination’s floor plan. Now you want to have the tools to protect the piano. Packing tape and secure blankets usually will do the trick, but you also want to take care of little things like securing the spinet piano’s lid and locking down the keyboard. Remember that short-distance or long-distance movers in Boston all are used to protecting delicate furniture. They know exactly how to wrap legs and edges to make the move as smooth as possible.

Finally, consider how you plan on actually moving the piano. Even the strongest workers likely won’t want to pick up the piano and carry it. You are going to need a dolly to move it. Make sure your helpers understand the center of gravity and how to move a large bulky object. Remember too that if the dolly makes the piano too large to fit through a doorway, they may have to ease it through inch by inch instead. Communication is key when embarking on a large task such as this. Here is where professional piano movers in Boston can also help.

In the end, deciding to move a piano yourself or hiring either piano movers or a furniture moving company in Boston, is a logical one. If you don’t have the needed resources available, always hire the professionals. To do a project his large, and potentially this dangerous, yourself or with friends is a risk. They are not trained and may not be capable of the smooth move you want. In this case, hiring movers may be the best and safest solution for everyone involved.