Choosing The Right Boston To New York Movers

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Choosing The Right Boston To New York Movers

Moving from Boston to New York is widely quoted as one of the most exciting and arduous experiences anyone can ever encounter in their lives. The entire process of packing your belongings, especially that old rocker that’s been with your family for generations, left in your hands – the freight doors have been sealed shut and you are leaving everything you own, when your stomach begins to churn and that brief moment when you wonder if you’ll ever see the family heirloom again. Add to the fact that we entrust the transport of our valued possessions to total strangers: no wonder we experience increased stress levels.

Moving from Boston to New York is not something we all experience each day, it’s probably once-a-lifetime process and something we cannot get used to. Most people are novices when it comes to moving. But just like any other process, moving requires knowledge and being smart about what you are doing. Above all, it requires choosing the right movers.

Choosing the best Boston movers can be perceived a difficult task, but it’s actually much easier than you may think. Let’s face it, we’ve all heard those horror stories from family and friends about fraudulent or disreputable companies, and it is important to separate the good from the bad as soon as you can. You can be rest assured that there are several movers in Boston all eager and promising to help you move from Boston to New York, or any other destination for that matter, but not all deserve your check. The importance of choosing the right moving company in Boston cannot be emphasized enough, and getting it wrong all together can cost you dearly, not just emotionally and financially, but also on your valuable property. Choose a highly reputable company that is tailored to suit your needs.

Today, moving companies offer a range of services in addition to basic moving competencies. These would normally include packing, the hiring or sale of packing materials, unpacking, cleaning and storage facilities. Some movers will even unpack and arrange your possessions in a manner you instruct.

As a rule of thumb, you should choose your Boston to New York movers at least 4-6 weeks prior to your moving date. Leave this for too long, and you’ll discover that most if not all reputable companies are fully booked. However a good number of top-notch movers do cater for last minute arrangements, and will ferry your property on short notice.

Note that, most movers are often very busy during the end of the month, typically on Fridays and weekends and some may even charge more for these peak times. Others will however offer discounts if you choose to move during less busy week days. It pays to find out.

To make the most ideal choice, think of the stuff you want to move then make a checklist before getting in contact with moving companies in Boston. Compile a quick checklist of what you want the company to do – this checklist will help get you the best quotes, and you’ll be able to be specific about your requirements. For example, it will include:

• Your moving dates #

• Whether your move is local or international, and this case from Massachusetts to New York

• Do you need help packing and unpacking or you’ll be doing it yourself?

• Will you require the mover to ship fragile or valuable items?

• Do you require storage facilities or not?

• How much insurance do you need?

• How much stuff is require for moving?

A tried and tested method for choosing the right movers to help you move from Boston to New York is by reputation or recommendation. If someone you know previously used a particular company, and they experienced the best service; follow suit. You can speak to real estate agents—they have ample knowledge about moving companies, and they’ll gladly recommend one to you. Since you’ll be moving to a different state, you will want a company that has experience in long distance moving.

Many of us will just search for companies on the internet, browse through a couple of testimonials on their website (which may of course not be true, but just written by them for marketing purposes), and choose that company. Finding the best Boston moving companies takes a little more than that. You’ll need to perform your own research and choose a confident and reputable company which will leave you with peace of mind.

Although owning a website is the first thing every moving company should have, it doesn’t end there. The company needs to adhere to certain industry standards like the Better Business Bureau and other accreditations. If the company offers surpassing responsiveness, and takes their business seriously, chances are they’ll also do the same for you too. Ask for referrals from previous customers and make it a point to visit their premises and check out their fleet. Also make sure their trucks permanently labeled with the company’s name. A good company will respond quickly, answer any questions which you may have and gladly explain everything there is about moving, which highway or interstate route they will use and an estimate of the total time for the trip. such a company as well as one with a blog or useful moving tips on their website is certainly worth checking out and considering.

Once you’ve done all your ground work, the next step is to narrow down your list of potential movers and begin the negotiating process. Note that different movers offer a range of pricing options. Some will charge based on the volume of your property, while some will charge an hourly rate and others based on the type of property you wish to transport. Some will just charge based on the weight of your load.

It is always advisable to write down a quick list before talking to people, you certainly don’t want to be thinking on your feet. Write a list of how many rooms you have, list of your big furniture items and an estimate of the number of boxes you’ll be packing. A much better way of doing this is by getting your potential mover to visit your home or premises, and let them inspect your goods before giving you a quote. Most reputable companies will take the time to come down to your home and physically assess your property. This saves you from missing certain items or making errors, had you done it alone. You’ll be surprised at how helpful this can be.

Once you’ve spoken to your shortlisted companies, and gone through their quotes and offerings, you are now in a position to make a sound and rational choice. You can choose a company based on their quote which not always advisable because cheaper is not always reliable, or go with a company that makes you feel comfortable. After making a decision, your preferred mover will make you sign an agreement form which confirms everything. Make sure you thoroughly go through this agreement form and read every term. Don’t mind making the company wait while you’re going through it, if you are not sure of any clause they should be able to explain everything, and if need be take it home and consult.

Don’t forget to get in touch with your movers a couple of days beforehand affirming your arrangements and all the final details of your voyage.