10 Reasons Why Fall And Winter Are A Great Time To Move


10 Reasons Why Fall And Winter Are A Great Time To Move

Along with divorce and death of a family member, moving to or within Boston probably ranks pretty high on a list of most stressful events in the life of a person. Though this may sound exaggerative however, it is actually true that moving to a new home can drum up unique stressors especially in an city that is extremely crowded.

To this end, many people prefer to move during the late fall and winter months so as to be able to help their bank accounts (make savings) and avoid many of these stressors. Fortunately, with less personal hustle and bustle and slower market, this can help to drastically reduce the stress of moving. Here are 10 reasons why fall and winter are a great time to move.

5 reasons why fall is a great time to move

1. Little or no Interference from Kids

During the fall, there is certainly no interference from kids. This is why it is a great time to move. Those who want to move at this time, tend to experience a good transition environment due to the relative peace of mind they stand to get. At this time, you tend to experience less stress even if you have kids because they are all back at school thereby providing you with ample time to plan and organize the moving with any form of disturbance for the children.

2. Low Cost of Moving

The winter and summer season often see more people moving. As a result of an increase in demand for moving during these seasons, most companies hike their prices. But during the offseason – time when the demand for moving declines – movers lower their rates so as to be able to get customers. This is usually the case in the fall. During this period, companies do not push customers to choose dates that are not convenient because there are fewer clients and bookings so you stand to benefit from choosing suitable dates.

3. Pleasant Climate

The days are usually short and cool during the fall season. Unlike the hot temperatures of summer and snowfall in winter, there are no extreme temperatures during the fall season. This provides you with ample opportunity to plan and oversee your move while its day. Also, the climate allows you to move up and down without being puffy – you will not feel sweaty or sticky during this time due to the lack of sunlight and heat.

4. Experienced and Effective Movers

During the fall off-peak season, many Boston moving companies tend to lay off their additional workers. This implies that your items will be handled by the company’s experienced movers. By these, you are not only sure of the quality of work you get but also the safety of your items thereby causing no stress at all for you.

5. Fall is More Fun

Unlike in the dead of winter when people hibernate indoors to keep warm, it can be easier to make friends during fall. So many town events are usually scheduled during this period to celebrate the falling leaves, Halloween, and harvest. Before the days become short, and the nights’ cold and dark, it is better to make a few friends in your new town or around your new home. Adjustments within your new home become so much easier during this period due to the warm and cozy feeling it brings.

5 reasons why winter is a great time to move

1. Quick arrival

Apart from the low cost of moving in winter months, you are sure to have your goods arrive sooner. In order to accommodate the increased volume of shipments, most moving companies often expand their delivery windows during the summer. However, you stand to have a much better idea of the arrival date because the delivery windows are shorter during the winter period.

2. Increased Flexibility

Need storage for a week during a home overlap? Or do you have a tough work schedule? Moving companies can be a bit more flexible with your move dates because they are not often as busy. During the winter months, they can be more flexible and creative with handling unique situations like furniture moving. These needs are easier to accommodate when the moving companies have more time to plan and organize your move.

3. Lower Moving Costs

The heaviest volume of moves occurs during the spring and summer months but winter is often the quieter time of the year. Due to decreased demand, most moving companies tend to charge less during the winter. A great way by which you can obtain low-rate moving and yet get a quality move is by moving in the winter. This is a great idea especially if you are planning a move within a tight budget.

4. It’s Easier On the Moving Company

It may seem less than ideal to you to drive on icy roads however, most local movers actually find this to be an appealing prospect. While unloading all of your heavy things, they are the one walking back and forth to the truck, and they are also the ones moving your furniture and king size bed upstairs. Unlike in the summer, movers are much less likely to break a sweat in the winter. Even if it is just for a few minutes, they are much less likely to stop for a breather.

5. Greater Availability

Moving companies like snow bird moving boast greater availability during the winter. Should something come up, these companies are more likely to even work with you. Winter is often the best time for things not to go as expected but you are bound to save time, money and unnecessary frustrations.