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Antique Moving Services

When the realization sets in that your current home doesn’t quite meet your immediate needs you know and accept the fact that you are due for a move.

A typical move has all the required elements to send your stress levels soaring through the roof. Your entire life must be organized into large and small boxes, labeled appropriately and transported safely and efficiently to your new location. You need to identify an appropriate block of time to accomplish this. What should you do?

Move on the weekends or use some of your precious vacation time to finish the move? Knowing how much work entailed is enough to make any individual freeze up. Now what if you have the added pressure of moving valuable antiques or precious family heirlooms? How can you ensure that they will remain intact and arrive at your new home in the same pristine condition they have been in for years or generations? What would you do if any of these items were damaged or destroyed due to improper handling?

When you consider the family history and monetary value of your most precious belongings it is unadvisable to relocate any of these important items without the services of a professional moving company.

At Bell Air Moving, we have years of experience successfully packaging and moving valuable antiques and precious family heirlooms to new locations. Not only does our team of professionals have the necessary experience required for moving precious cargo, we also give them the much needed equipment to ensure that not only does the job get done but the job gets done safely and effectively.

We use specialized stretch tape to ensure drawers or other parts of your belongings stay in place and minor avoid unwanted scratches. We also utilized specific rubberized foam for additional protection against bumps or dings that may arise during transport. Heavy duty blankets are used for an additional line of defense against the perils of transportation. With all of our defensive layers we can ensure your precious belongings are wrapped up tightly and safely before they begin their journey to your new home.

Our moving vehicles are also designed to add a final layer of reliability and protection to your most precious belongings. The walls of our moving vehicles are padded to protect your items from any shifting or rubbing of your items that may occur during transport. In addition, our professional drivers have the necessary experience to minimize any shifting or rubbing of items during transport.

Our years of experience in the handling of precious antiques and heirlooms give Bell Air Moving a unique perspective when it comes to properly handling your most valuable items. If you have any items that require this extra level of care please contact us with the details of the items and we will provide you with a consultation for the items in question.