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Bell Air Moving offers Inexpensive Storage Units for Your Items


For the best storage units in Boston, Bell Air Moving has what you need to store the items you own. For residential and commercial uses, we offer clean, safe and secure storage for your possessions. Whether you need to store a few items or quite a few items, we have the space for your needs.

We understand that people need to get the most out of the space they have in their homes or businesses. For those living in cluttered conditions, having Boston storage space means that your items are close to you. By opening up more area in your home to add new items, create a safer environment, and create more space for a new addition to the family, we help you create the home that you deserve.

For businesses looking at moving to a new facility because they are outgrowing their old one, consider the savings of using our facilities instead. This means that we can store your equipment, inventory, old records and other important items that are valued, but are seldom used and taking up valuable space in your facility. By working with us, we can save your business a considerable amount of money that otherwise would be used to purchase a new facility. 

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There are many reasons why people use our facilities to store their valuable items. In fact, the storage industry is still one of the fastest growing in the country as we need more space for our valuables in a protected, clean environment. We offer more than just space, but the type of facilities that are designed to meet your needs.

Variable Sizes of Storage Rooms: Our large storage facility offers several different sizes of rooms to meet your needs. Plus, our pricing structure is based on the size of room needed to hold your valuables. This means that you get exactly what you need and do not have to pay for more. Our friendly, courteous staff will help you in finding the best size room that meets your specific needs.

Proper Inventory: When your items come into our facility, we will handle them with care. In fact, we can even transport your items under certain circumstances if you wish to ensure that they receive maximum protection. Our professional staff will treat your items with care so that they are not damaged during transportation or storage. In addition, we will inventory your items and assign tacking numbers so that you can rest assured that your valuables have arrived safely to our facility.

Safe: Our self storage Boston facility ranks as one of the best because we fully protect your valuables from the elements, temperature and humidity changes, and pests. We understand that it takes more than just putting your items under a roof. Our air conditioned and heated facility ensures that your items are kept at a safe, comfortable temperature the year round.

Secure: Our facility is monitored with a high-tech alarm system is designed to detect break-ins, flood or fire emergencies. Plus, the storage center is designed to limit the damage from one section to the next, meaning that in case disaster should strike, our facility is built to withstand whatever happens thanks to the materials that are used in the construction. In addition, our security staff can react quickly when your stored items are being threatened. We take the extra steps to insure that your valuables get maximum protection 24/7.

Short & Long Term Storage: Are you renovating your home and need a short term storage solution? Perhaps your business is trying to get the most amount of room possible in your building because new equipment is being moved in and you need a permanent solution to your stored items? Whatever the case, we are here to help you with your needs. Our pricing structure is such that we can work with you whether you need a few days or many, many years of trusted, reliable storage.

Price: We offer the cheap storage units residents and companies budget for while providing them with top of the line services. We work to ensure that our prices are lower than the competition while still providing the best in protection, security and storage options for your needs.

You will not find better storage in Boston that Bell Air Moving. We offer the best combination of storage facilities, safety from the elements, security from intruders, and prices that fit the amount and length of time you need to store your valuables.

Please give us a call and talk to our friendly, courteous staff about your storage needs. We are here to answer your questions and find the right solution that keeps your valuables safe while fitting within your budget. For the best storage Boston residents and companies trust, please give us a call and find out why we are the finest in the region.

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