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Bell Air Moving is the piano mover Boston, MA residents can trust

Moving a piano takes experience, skill and professionalism as it is a very fragile musical instrument. This means that hiring the best piano movers Boston MA will be required in order to do the job right. This is because a piano is a large, delicate instrument in which moving can scratch the surface, damage the resonant parts and even upset the complex mechanical structure that is found inside.

The experienced residents trust understands how to correctly protect, move and transport your piano around the corner or across the country if needed. At Bell Air Moving, we have trained professionals who have the knowledge and experience to move your fragile items, especially pianos correctly and without incident.

Why Choose a Professional Piano Mover?​

Packing for piano moving Boston

There are a number of reasons why you should choose a professional piano movers company to take care of your piano. A piano is not a piece of furniture like a sofa or chair which has no internal moving parts. A piano is really a delicate work of art that will alter its resonance and tone just by a change in humidity or temperature. Moving it out of the home, into a truck and taking it to another location means having to be extra careful that it does not get damaged.

To choose a professional moving company with the right experience when it comes to pianos means having the following advantages.

Protection: Professional piano movers understand that it takes extra special care to properly wrap and protect a piano first before even attempting to move it. This means that extra padding, proper wrapping and keeping all the delicate pieces protected is a must. Experienced professionals will know what to use in order to properly protect a piano.

Moving: Once the piano is properly protected, the next step is moving from the residence and into the truck or transportation vehicle. A lot of things can go wrong here, especially for those who have not moved a piano before. Proper piano moving Boston means ensuring that the piano is being hauled on an industrial cart, being careful on corners and following the right procedure to lift and carry the piano out the doorway.

Transportation: Once the piano is aboard the truck, it needs to be fully secured so that it does not move during the drive to the next location. A moving piano in the truck means disaster, so it needs to be fully secured. Once the truck arrives at its destination, the process of moving and locating the piano in the right location inside the residence complete the move.

Why Bell Air Moving is the Piano Movers MA Resident can Trust

Safe Piano moving in Boston, MA

There are a number of reasons why you should choose our company to ensure that your piano arrives safely at its new location.

Equipment: We have all the right equipment from shock absorbing pads, special wraps, industrial carts, straps and the all-around protection a piano needs in order to be moved safely from one location to the next. This is why more people call on us when they have a piano to move.

Experience: We do not hire day-laborers or bring an inexperienced crew to your residence. This means that the crew who moves your valuable piano will have the experience, knowledge and understanding of what it takes to get the item from one place to another with maximum safety.

Insurance: In case something does happen, there is insurance to cover the damage. Please call and ask us how your piano can be moved with the utmost protection. Our friendly, courteous staff is here to answer all of your questions so that you feel comfortable in having our experienced crew do the moving for you. 

Price: Just because we pride ourselves on providing the best service does not mean we charge you outrageous rates. In fact, the prices we do charge when it comes to piano moving ma are some of the lowest and most competitive in the Boston area. We invite you to call and ask about our rates and let us see how we can save you even more money while moving a valuable possession like your piano.

Customer Service: We believe in offering the best in customer service first and foremost. From the time you first call our office to when the last item is moved safely into your new residence, we are here to serve you. Our reputation has been built over the years by putting our customer’s needs first and foremost. However, we understand that our reputation is only as good as the last customer that we serve. Let us show you why more people trust our moving company over the competition by calling us today.

At Bell Air Moving, we take pride in the fact that we are the best piano movers in Boston, MA. We have years of experience when it comes to making sure that pianos are properly packaged and secured before they are moved. Plus, we take extra care inside your residence to ensure that they suffer no damage on their trip to our moving vehicle.

Once inside our truck, we secure the piano so that it does not move on its trip to your new residence. That is the type of care that we believe sets us apart from the competition. Plus, it provides our customers with peace of mind knowing that their piano is well taken care of on its journey to your new home. Please give us a call and we’ll be happy to answer your questions about our moving service and in particular how we can properly take care of your piano on its trip to your new residence.

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