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PakingTransporting furniture to a new residence is quite a difficult task to do on your own. If you need to transport fragile or antique furniture pieces that require special attention during transportation you should take advantage of the services provided by Bell Air Moving. Our professional team not only loads your valuables but pack them in a special material. Our team accurately packs furniture, equipment and other property. We proudly offer turn-key moving services that includes packing, loading, transporting, unloading and placement of a client’s property in the new location.

There are several types of packing materials used to transport goods. A five-layer packing carton is used for transporting dishes, beddings (pillows, blankets), clothes, shoes, books, CDs, paintings, as well as other items. Furniture is packed with the help of stretch tape, foam rubber, bubble wrap and corrugated cardboard. Our team of professionals packs soft room and cabinet furniture, disassembling them into component parts quickly and reliably. We guarantee the highest quality, reliability and efficiency during any move, including moving out of the house or storage.

Our team of professionals is capable of careful, quick and accurate packing. Contracting with our company guarantees your move will not be so onerous. Well will protect your property, deliver your goods damage free and help place everything at your new location for an acceptable price. 

To make the furniture packing process less time consuming, we take special care of its disassembly. Our team of professionals can handle any job quickly and provide results of the highest quality. We handle all types of furniture: soft room, cabinet, office or built-in. We transport fragile and antique furniture with special care and ensure these items are packed using three-layered bubble wrap, trackless tape and five-layer cartons.

paking servicesHigh quality furniture packing is necessary for all moving ordeals to ensure your items arrive at the new location without the addition of chips, scratches or cracks.

A moving vehicles cargo space must be clean, dry and covered by thick layer of foam to avoid damaging the furniture and equipment being loaded for transport. Our experienced professionals load all items for transport skillfully and quickly while at the same time avoiding damage to your items.

Moving is a troublesome thing, and you would be better off leaving the task to our team of professionals at Bell Air Moving. We will be more than happy to take care of all of the burdensome aspects of moving to a new location. We offer extremely competitive rates and provide services of the highest quality and efficiency that will impress each of our clients.

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