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Bell Air Moving

Bell Air Moving, the Furniture Movers company in Boston, MA

Bell Air Moving is a company Boston residents call to move their household items, appliances and decorative pieces. Whether you are moving to a new office, home, apartment or house in the country, we are the company that get the job done. We understand that every move has its own, unique characteristics and approaches, so we use our experience and professionalism to take on each challenge. 

We are Furniture Movers and We Know Our Business

Pack for furniture moving Boston

The most difficult part of any move is the furniture itself. It takes the proper preparation, skill, strength and delicate touch to last in this business. It also takes using the right packing material, equipment and understanding of how furniture is constructed in order to do the job correctly. No matter the type of furniture, from upholstered, kitchen, antique, built-in, high-end, non-standard types and more, we are the furniture mover for the greater Boston area.

Antique and high-end furniture are generally the types that cannot be disassembled, so we understand how to properly package and protect such items during transport. Other types of furniture can generally be deconstructed so that when they are moved the pieces can be better protected. Plus, it does make it easier to move from and into new residences. We are the expert heavy furniture movers in the Boston area because our professionals have the knowledge and experience when it comes to this type of work.

We only hire the best as they must complete specialized courses and be in good physical condition before they can work for our company. We take pride in having only the best professional movers in the business because they fully understand how to move your furniture while minimizing the risk to your property and themselves as well. Experienced, knowledgeable movers understand how to disassemble and more furniture properly so that it can be put back together right. We do recommend that any expensive furniture, particular the high-end variety be insured before the move. 

Packing Materials that Furniture Movers use in Boston

furniture moving services in Boston, MA

We use all the best materials to properly wrap and pack your furniture. From bubble wrap, Styrofoam and corrugated cardboard, we ensure that your furniture is properly protected. In addition, we use special straps in our trucks and vans to make sure that the furniture does not move during transportation. When we dismantle the furniture, the smaller parts are placed in special bags while the larger ones in special boxes or wrapped in a special paper and properly marked. We load the pieces into our trucks and vans that are lined with special padding to ensure maximum protection for the entire trip.

We provide vehicles that are specially built for moving furniture. We understand it is in our best interests to make sure that your furniture is as protected as possible. In addition, our responsibility extends beyond your furniture and to the floors, walls, windows and doors when moving objects into and out of your residence. If needed, we can take the doors off the hinges and cover the walls and floors so that they are fully protected during the move.

Our reputation as the best small furniture movers is earned every day as we work with our customers to ensure that their items are packed, transported and delivered safely to their new residence. In addition to putting everything in its place, we will also clean up any trash that is left behind to make sure that the premises are clean.